10 Cartoons for Eaten Fish on World Cartoonist Day

3:02 PM

Today, on the occasion of World Cartoonist Day (5th May), I'm posting this series of 10 cartoons as an appeal to release Eaten Fish from Manus Island.

Eaten Fish is a cartoonist named Ali, a 24 year old Iranian artist who has been held in Australia’s immigration detention centre for 3 years now. Throughout the three years that Eaten Fish has been incarcerated on Manus Island he has suffered from ever worsening and extreme OCD, panic attacks – that can leave him literally paralysed, and Complex PTSD.

He has been facing serious assaults and sexual harassment from guards, staff and some other detainees. Eaten Fish is now under 24 hour watch and remains in the isolation area, Green Zone, of the detention camp. He continues to be propositioned and sexually harassed and his state continues to deteriorate. Eaten Fish needs to be brought to a safe place where he can receive the specialized treatment for the serious conditions he suffers from.

Join the campaign to save Eaten Fish: https://eatenfish.com/
Facebook page of the campaign: https://www.facebook.com/mr.eatenfish/
Check the latest updates on twitter: https://twitter.com/hashtag/eatenfish

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