10 Cartoons against the unlawful detention of Shawkan

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Mahmoud Abou Zeid "#Shawkan" is a contributor to publications such as Time Magazine, Die Zeit, BILD, Media Group, and online photo agency, Demotix. Shawkan has been jailed for more than 1000 Days; his ongoing incarceration is considered unlawful by several lawyers and human rights defendants as the maximum pre-trial detention in Egyptian is two years. Photojournalist Shawkan, was once again denied justice by the Egyptian government. Shawkan has been detained without a trial since August 14, 2013. when he was arrested with a French Photojournalist and an American journalist while covering the Rabaa Massacre.

The other journalists were released within hours of their arrest but Shawkan has been detained without a trial for more than three years. He was scheduled for trial on October 8th, 2016. But again there was no justice.

He is facing trumped-up charges as a result of his journalistic work. He is a prisoner of conscience and risks the death penalty if convicted.

Black & White publishes these ten cartoons as a protest to his unlawful detention and demand the immediate release of Shawkan.

To get mor more information on Shawkan and to support him, please visit: http://www.freeshawkan.com/Follow the campaign on twitter: https://twitter.com/ShawkanZeid

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